G.A.ST DHW-T Gas Allocation System Meter

The G.A.S.T heat allocation meter is the standard G.A.S. meter designed for use in the timing of heating or domestic hot water systems. This meter can be used with a domestic hot water heater that does not have a 24 vac gas valve or a millivolt thermocouple. The G.A.S.T meter uses the proven G.A.S. hardware design to provide more accurate heat measurements in 36 second increments using standard non-proprietary equipment.


The G.A.S.T requires a flue thermistor installed to measure gas flow “on time” by sensing the flue gas temperature rise and fall associated with the main boiler firing. Requires unit to be calibrated during burner off time thereby setting permanent temperature threshold that on board memory retains.


The G.A.S.T includes tamper detection circuitry which detects resident tampering, battery failure or meter failure to facilitate meter servicing.

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