“Geneva Housing Authority currently utilizes Energy Metering Systems in an effort to keep track of energy consumption by our residents. Bi-weekly reports are received from EMS, indicating potentially problematic units within our housing portfolio. From these reports, GHA is able to generate maintenance work orders/inspections that direct staff to the units in question.


Results from these work order inquiries assist us in determining whether or not there is some type of alternate heating source be used by the residents, if they are tampering with thermostats, if they may be leaving windows/doors open, or if there is merely a problem with the heating equipment itself. The immediate issue is corrected in a timely manner, and results are logged by site managers at each development. GHA then determines the appropriate course of action depending on the nature of the circumstance. Warning notices are issued to residents who are clearly circumventing the energy reduction measures that are in place.

EMS equipment clearly assists GHA by pinpointing problem areas and by giving us direction on what type of infraction to look for based on the monitoring data received.”

- Geneva Housing Authority


TMON - The Temperature Monitoring System

System Specifications

  • Wall mount installation of TMON device adjacent to existing Thermostat allows for secondary monitoring of unit temperature.


  • Data collection via Inovonics wireless repeater network and DCC (data collector and concentrator) or Energy Metering Systems WDC (Wireless Data Collector)


  • Measures average air temperature each hour. Data reporting each 24 hour period.


Model Number:

TMON (Inovonics)


TMON Specifications


Average Temperature ± 0.5°F



Air temperature sensor



Data count on average temperature over 24 hours



1-3/4” Wide x

3-1/2” Height x

1” Depth


Power Requirements:

Battery powered (uses Inovonics Transmitter Lithium Battery) – single battery has 5 + year life expectancy